The PowderPro® Spraying System uses suction instead of forced air to evenly raise powder to a consistent level in the jar, resulting in a consistent air/powder ratio delivered to the sheet. The PowderPro features independent distribution lines for each spray head, outer spray heads which can be turned off when printing narrow sheets, and an automatic powder-level compensation system.

    • PowderPro Spraying System is designed exclusively for small to medium-size presses.
    • PowderPro operates by introducing air between the air and suction holes, creating an independent air flow between the two sides. Powder is adjusted by altering the air flow, leaving the vacuum side constant and eliminating any counteraction between the air and suction holes.
    • PowderPro uses suction, not forced air, to evenly raise the powder to a constant level in the jar. This uniform “lifting” of the powder, regardless of the amount of powder in the jar, results in an extremely consistent air/powder mix ratio being delivered to the sheet.

Available for:

A.B. Dick: 9985, 9995
Hamada: 234, 234A
Itek: 960, 975, 985, 3985
Ryobi: 2800, 3200, 3200MCD, 3302M & 3302H, 3304H

Product specifications and model availability subject to change without notice.